HealthD360 - Health data that creates value for the citizen

In HealthD360 we will create better health for the citizens by gathering data from the public healthcare system and linking them with data from the citizens' smartphones and wearables.

The ambition is to promote more personal, secure, and coherent treatment in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals.

Scandals and abuse of data must not stop the use of data in the service of society

We need to have the courage to use data for purposes that are of public interest and not let pieces of scandal block for innovation and research. Read the chronic of Kaj Grønbæk from Healthd360 et al.

Secure health data solutions will clear the way for better health

There was a full house when HealthD360 marked the start of an ambitious project about creating better health through new health data from the citizens’ smartphones and wearables.

Denmark’s new wind turbine adventure awaits in the healthcare system (In Danish)

Muligheden for at indsamle massive mængder personlig sundhedsdata fra blandt andet apps på telefonen ændrer sundhedssystemer globalt. Læs et interview med Carsten Obel i Information.

Børn og unges mentale sundhed

Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer

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