Kommunale medarbejderes syn på overvægt og mistrivsel

Brainstorm med kommunale medarbejdere om overvægt og mistrivsel, mere feltarbejde om sår og teknikerworkshop nr. 2 er højdepunkter for arbejdet i HealthD360 i april og maj måned.

Voxpop: In which direction do you see health is moving by 2050?

Read about three experts' guess on health in 2050. Project leader Carsten Obel is one of them, and he calls for a Danish or Nordic model based on health data as a response to the American tech giants and Chinese actors.

On a bikeride with a consultant in wounds, and opening of the engine room.

The first 6 months in HealthD360 have featured dialogue with health care professionals about wound treatment as well as a workshop for technicians. In addition to this the project was officially launched with a kick-off event and the first meeting in the advisory board.