Increase in poor wellbeing in children and young people

Mental and metabolic health is among the greatest public health challenges we face in the Western world. Poor mental wellbeing is a growing problem, especially among children and young people, and an increasing number of people are experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Metabolic problems like overweight and eating disorders develop early in life and are often associated with poor mental wellbeing.

Problems in these areas in childhood and youth can have a major impact on the individual and on society, as they often result in lifelong challenges. Therefore, it is important to give preventive initiatives and treatment as early as possible a high priority. Developing solutions that provide these children and their families with the best knowledge and support is central. Nevertheless it has turned out to be difficult to develop individualized and coherent solutions.

Prevention and individual treatment with health data

In HealthD360 we work to design prototypes to help children and young people who are showing symptoms of poor wellbeing. These symptoms can be school absence, mental- or physical symptoms, as well as sleeping- and eating disorders. Based on a data infrastructure - integrating health data from different data sources, we develop prototypes and models for treatment courses that ensure a 360 degree approach to poor wellbeing. This applies to early handling, monitoring, and adjustment. The goal is to develop more individualized and coherent treatment of mental and metabolic health problems in children and adolescents.  

The municipalities mentioned below are a part of the collaboration about children and young people:

  • Favrskov Municipality
  • Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality
  • Odder Municipality


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