In HealthD360 we aim to create better health for the citizens by gathering data from the public health system and linking them with data from citizens' smartphones and wearables. The ambition is to promote more personal, secure, and coherent treatment in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals.

In this project we develop:

  • A flexible infrastructure

    A flexible and secure data infrastructure that can connect data from different sources. Particularly the focus is on combining citizen-generated data with existing data in the health service and register data. Furthermore, we develop a number of algorithms that can find patterns in the data.

  • Prototypes for citizens and healthcare professionals

    Based on the data infrastructure, we design two solution prototypes targeted at citizens and healthcare professionals. The prototypes will visualize different types of data and contribute with new knowledge for prevention and treatment. The prototypes are developed in connection with two cases in the project concerning: Mental health in children and young people (The mental health of children and young people?) Treatment of chronic wounds and health in elderly people

  • Coherent and individual health treatment

    As part of the development of the prototypes, we test them simultaneously in the treatment of a number of selected citizens. The intention is to demonstrate the possibilities of supporting coherent and individual treatment based on the prototypes.

  • Organizational and legal anchorage

    Simultaneously, we will focus on anchoring the solutions organizationally and legally, and develop ideas for future business models.

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