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On a bikeride with a consultant in wounds, and opening of the engine room.

The first 6 months in HealthD360 have featured dialogue with health care professionals about wound treatment as well as a workshop for technicians. In addition to this the project was officially launched with a kick-off event and the first meeting in the advisory board.

01.04.2019: Signe Herbers Poulsen

Fieldwork in Frederiksberg and Aarhus Municipalities

The fieldwork in the case about wound treatment and health in elderly is well underway. We are in dialogue with citizens and health care professionals in both Frederiksberg and Aarhus Municipalities. In Frederiksberg we attended wound consults in the wound clinic at the Health Care Center. Then we jumped on a bike and rode with a wound consultant to homes of the citizens who are unable to come to the clinic. In Aarhus Municipality we a fly on the wall for a whole day at consults with citizens at Center For the Diabetic Foot. In both Municipalities we interviewed health care professionals and a number of citizens, who all shared opinions and experiences.

The intention is to translate knowledge from thes fieldwork to a concept catalogue with challenges and scenarios to work on in the project. The challenges and scenarios will be discussed at a "koncept workshop" on July 4th, where all partners are invited.

The technicians opened the engine room.

Focus was on technical potential and solutions, when we on 6th of March came together in a technician workshop. The partners presented their toolbox and discussed how they each can contribute to the development of technical solutions in the project. The following group work was based on 4 "personas" form the cases illustrating different sets of problems and possibilities of treatment through new types of health data. General themes of the discussion were among other things:

  • Clarification of taget group: Who will benefit of the solution in short- and long term?
  • Data: Which data will be interesting to bring in play, and what is possible?
  • Consent: How are the users supposed to give their consent to sharing of their data, and how are the possibilities for this technologically?
  • Technology: Which technology and components can we develop further? What can each partner contribute with?

On the basis of the dialogue the participants outlined a preliminary architecture and established small teams that will keep working on different components up until next technician workshop on the 2nd of May 2019

Later that day lawyer Jasper Pingel from AU gave a presentation about immaterial rights to knowledge, data, and results that are developed in HealthD360. The partners have agreed on this in the cooperation agreement which was formulated in relation to the investment contract with Innovationsfonden. The background knowledge that a partner provides for other partners in the project was also discussed, as well as how the partners can use t hem for commercial purposes and subsequent publication.

Full house at kick-off event

There was a full house the 18th of February, when we marked the start of HealthD360 with a kick-off event in ‘Vandrehallen’ at Aarhus University. The day was jump-started with big visions, but at the same time challenges related to safety, trust and ethics were highlighted as central.

Read a resume from the day here

The first meeting in the steering committee underlined an engaged partnership

The first meeting in the steering committee was held on the same day as the kick-off event. Following subjects were among other things on the agenda:

Election of chairman and vice chairman of the steering committee
Ole Bækgaard Nielsen, head of department at Department of Public Health was elected as chairman of the steering committee, and vice chairman is Ole Lehrmann Madsen from Alexandra Institute.

Three new partners
The steering committee was requested to accept that the group of parters is extended with the three new partners; Frederiksberg Municipality, The Danish Committee for Health Education, and Medtech Innovation Consortium (MTIC). In this connection a revised budget is made, and the steering committee agreed on accepting the new partners on the condition that the can accept the revised budget. When an accept is present we will send out an orientation.

Project status
A status for the project was presented for the steering committee. The focus was on the arrangement of a workshop on Bispebjerg Hospital and start-up meeting for the partners in December 2018, and upcoming plans for technician workshop and workshops with municipalities and the concept catalogue. At the same time, strategy- and action plan for internal- and external communication were presented.

Discussion about goals and expectations
Partnerne deltog med stort engagement i den efterfølgende diskussion. Diskussionen kredsede grundlæggende om ambitionsniveau og mål for projektet, og om at det er vigtigt, at vi løbende afstemmer forventningerne. Bl.a. blev det pointeret, at projektet skal tænke langsigtet i forhold til implementering, at der er fokus på at levere små løsninger, som kan køre i pilotdrift fremfor at bygge store systemer, og at det centrale er at skabe værdi for borgeren.

Upcoming meetings:

  • 02.05.2019: Technician workshop
  • 09.05.2019: Workshop for professionals, who work with children and young people in poor well-being
  • 04.06.2019: Concept workshop
  • 25.06.2019: Steering committee meeting