Increasing number of elderly people with chronic diseases

The demographic development with an increasing number of elderly people in the population presents new health challenges. As we live longer, more people are affected by chronic- and lifestyle diseases.. At the same time, many elderly are experiencing challenges in both physical and mental health.

New data shall promote prevention and treatment of chronic wounds

In HealthD360 we will work on a case of chronic wounds and health in elderly people. Based on the data infrastructure - which integrates health data from different data sources - we develop prototypes and models for courses of treatment targeted at citizens and healthcare professionals. The solutions will focus on monitoring and improving the mental and physical health of selected elderly citizens by linking different types of data - including data generated from the citizens’ smartphones and wearables. Effective diagnostics and courses of treatment regarding chronic wounds will be a concrete case.

The municipalities mentioned below indgår i samarbejdet om ældre mennesker:

  • Aarhus Municipality
  • Frederiksberg Municipality

WoundApp is going to help citizens with their foot wounds

In 2020 we have developed a WoundApp, where the citizens can follow development in their diabetic foot wounds. In the app the citizens can register data about the size/look of the wound, pain, infection, level of activity, and if the wound produces fluid. Furthermore, the app can use data from smartphones and smartwatches and upload pictures of the wound. The citizen can register the data or do it in co-operation with relatives or the wound nurse.

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