Scandals and abuse of data must not stop the use of data in the service of society

”We need to have the courage to use data for societal purposes and not let scandals slow down innovation and research. Denmark is a very digitized country and if we are able to use our data, it will have a big impact ion our forward-looking growth and welfare.”

This is how members of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences’ digitized experts put it in a feature article in the newspaper “Berlingske”. Among these experts is Kaj Grønbæk, head of Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University, and leader of workpackage 4 in HealthD360.

In the feature article digitization experts call among other things for a more balanced and value-creating debate and point out that the debate often get polarized so that the narrative about data is naive and data is seen as the new gold, on the other hand the only focus is on fear and negative stories. The experts establish that ethical debates about the use of data are important, however, it has also become an ethical problem to delay or refrain from using data to create good solutions in society or to solve societal problems.

Read the feature article here (in Danish):

We can't let scandals about misuse of data stop our use of data in benefit of society.
13.03.2019, Berlingske

Brit Winthereik is professor at ITU. Kaj Grønbæk is Head of Department of Computer Science, AU Jane Glæsel is a lawyer, Kim Guldstrand Larsen is professor at Department of Computer Science, AAU. All the above are members of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences’ Digitized experts.